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Apr 29, 2010 6:00pm EDT
quote 's changed? i've been doing some work all day today on this. how is washington now become a source of profits rather than losses? because we are finally getting some clarity from congress about the most important group in this market, because it has been been keeping them down. i'm talking about the banks. a group that's been under a cloud ever since washington decided to ensure that we would never again have a financial crisis like 2008. the specter of financial regulation has been frightening investors going left and right. after the goldman sachs star chamber, which i don't know about you, made me think that congress would overreact and really hurt the financials. and they are down. that's the market's perception. it turns out the market was wrong, i was wrong. turns out we are all wrong. from the looks that i've been able to divine by working today on what senator chris dodd wa wants -- and dodd is the man in charge -- we are going to have a bill, that while not exactly benign to the industry is not malignant either. >> buy, buy, buy! >> this time it looks like congress is getting it righ
Apr 25, 2010 6:00pm EDT
the washington area. that goes until 11:00. that's the watch area. there is also an active tornado warning now until 6:15 tonight. a tornado warning now, southern washington county, maryland. western fredrick county, maryland. northern jefferson county in west virginia, and southern berkley county in west virginia. take you to the live radar here, show you where we're talking about on the storms. notice in the upper right-hand corner of your screen here we're zooming in to the panhandle of west virginia. this is the cell that we're watching very, very carefully right in here. right here just up to the north sides of charles town, west virginia, when i put this little circle on here where you can see the red touching the green, that's where red winds are going towards and away touching one another. as a result this is the area right in here, just to the north of charles town, west virginia, where there is a potential radar-indicated tornado on the ground at this point in time. this storm is traveling to the northeast at 40 miles per hour. so i'll put a storm track on it for you here so you can
Apr 21, 2010 11:00pm EDT
11-de la noche.. el corazon del llamado barrio latino en washington esta tarde fue testigo de un grave accidente de trafico... una patrulla de la policia metropolitana embistio a una mujer inmigrante, provocando una serie de reacciones de la comunidad latina y como no podia ser de otra manera univision washington estuvo en el lugar..jose angel aguirre nos amplia... este video en exclusiva... muestra las cunstancias cuando presuntamente unapatr de distrito de columbi la la e 14 las tres de lade emba de 25 aÑos de edad de nombre lorena vazquez en este momento ella fue conducida al hospital al washington hospital center al med star en lo que se cree que tiene una fractura en su pierna ... indignados varios testigos reaccionaron por la supuesta tardanza de los servicios de la ambulancia en llegar al lugar del presunto accidente lo que se tardo la ambulancia fue lo mas peor que hubo como unos treinta cuarenta y cinco minutos que se tardo la ambulancia para llegar que entiendo que cuando la policia golpea alguien tend
Apr 5, 2010 6:00pm EDT
quote to earnings and their stocks keep powering to new highs, then maybe washington just isn't that important. maybe tiger's more important than washington. i know that hp i had the same thing he had. that prp. and let me tell you something, that's not enhancement because i still stink at golf. maybe the recovery is going to be so strong that we don't have to fret about congress nearly as much as we thought. wouldn't that be great? the charts tell us the story. the folded and mutilated best in show charts include all sorts of groups that rely totally on discretionary spending, a sure sign that something is happening
Apr 25, 2010 6:30pm EDT
now, first things first, a severe thunderstorm watch for the entire region, washington in the middle of that until 11:00 tonight. i've zoomed up northwest of washington. this particular storm which is moving ever so close to fredrick in maryland was the one that had produced at least a tornado warning. we didn't get reports of a tornado. we were showing signs of rotation as it crossed from west virginia into washington county in maryland. this big hail core is headed towards fredrick right now, right on route 15and east, northeast at about 30, 40 miles per hour. we have severe thunderstorm and thunderstorm warnings that continue back in virginia and back to winchester and berryville. but that particular storm had shown supercell characteristics. individual thunderstorms that can take their own weather. and, again, just severe thunderstorm warnings right now until 7:00 for washington fredrick counties in maryland, northern part of louden until 7:00. let's go back to the weather computer and show you where we have the slight risks of severe weather from the storm prediction center and.
Apr 6, 2010 6:00am EDT
. facebook recently in washington for a little more than an hour. >> okay. my name is terry michael from the center of politics and journalism which is a very pleased to co-sponsor this event tonight. i have the honor of having brought robert pierre to washington under the politics and journalism semester program he was in the inaugural class and fall of 1989. we are now in the 22nd year with about 500 alumni and robert represents all of the alumni on the board of directors. he joined judy woodruff and mike mccurry and juan williams and a number of others who run why have to answer to the board of directors of the center. robert king to the program from louisiana state university. he was a junior and he went back to school and entered the school paper and then for a while he thought about getting a master's in business education, but the "washington post" saved him from the fate of personal wealth by recruiting him as a reporter for the post and now she labors under the slave wages of journalism. what's left of journalism. thank goodness the "washington post" owns caplin testing or there
Apr 4, 2010 8:30am EDT
, the benjamin franklin. used false eels. on his boots to carry the message. washington's deception. now the one thing i do have to say about washington. assembly who never told a lie, he certainly stretched the truth an awful lot. [laughter] >> up in cambridge when he first takes over the american army, they were down to actually nine rounds per min. nine shots, that was it. as far as the game under and gunpowder they had in him in him. he knew there were british spies going around the american camp, so what he did is he had a shipment of barrels brought up from providence, rhode island, mark don bauder. the only problem is inside the barrels was and. so the british spies would go back and report that the americans had plenty of gunpowder, and they be able to keep the sea shepherd for a long time. he also did a thing called a troop multiplication at morristown, when after the battles of trenton and princeton, the american army goes up and he can set more than. and while there, normally you would put most of your troops, cluster them in houses tried to keep as many together as you could. washing
Apr 23, 2010 6:00pm EDT
leyes similares contra la inmigracion ilegal ante la falta de una reforma migratoria... en washington miles de latinos corren el peligro de perder una gama de servicios vitales como consecuencia de los planes de austeridad del alcalde adrian fenty...claudia uceda tiene los detalles.. apartir de octubre, hispanos residentes de washington corren el riesgo de no contar con servicios fundamentales... el alcalde adrian fenty a propuesto cortar casi la mitad del presupuesto de la oficina de asuntos latinos.... " para mi mejor que lo cierren porque esto de estar alli con muletas para que???!! " maria gomez, directora del mary center dice que eso significa un recorte de 120, 000 dolares anuales para su aprobarse se tendria que eliminar programas de prevencion ... "perder las educadoras que hacen el asunto de educacion sobre diabetes, sobre la presion alta...." esta educadora de salud, perderia su trabajo... "al no tener este programa vamos a tener un indice mucho mayor de ninos que llegan a las salas de emergencia que no pue
Apr 27, 2010 5:00am EDT
will stay dry. good morning washington begins right now. >> live and in hd, this is good morning washington, on your side. >> good tuesday morning. i am doug mcelway. >> i am alison starling. we are glad you are joining us on this tuesday. let's get started with traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> we still have that light drizzle coming down. >> the rain is starting to move out. on the doppler radar you can see a few sprinkles, but the bulk of the rain is moving to the east. outside this morning it's in the '50s. we will get some sunshine throughout the morning. afternoon clouds will build. partly sunny. the best chance for added clouds will be south of town, where they could see an isolated shower. today will be in the mid-60s. not lisa baden. what's happening with traffic? >> i'm getting complaints of a big bundle of insulation that has fallen off of a truck on 270 southbound close to pay 85. nothing to move out of the leg on this camera. beltway travel, headlights are the outer loop. 95 around georgia ave. running smoothly. springfield, va., north and southbound. metrorail trains ar
Apr 15, 2010 6:00pm EDT
in washington, d.c. thousands gathered at freedom plaza for one of many planned tea party demonstrations taking place across the country today. this is the first tea party protest at colonial -- that colonial beach resident has attended. >> we have come up here to do something, be part of something, instead of sitting at home and listening and complaining amongst ourselves. >> these political activists are marching on a cross-country tour. their message is lower taxes and less government. and york times poll shows tea party supporters are mostly college-educated white males over the age of 45. people like henry from new orleans. >> not as much government. this government we have now is taking every right we have away. >> many in the crowd consider themselves patriots, fighting for a better government. but they say they don't like being considered an angry mob or racist. >> i think we are portrayed in a bad way that is not true. i am a grandmother. i am 55. i am not going to hurt anyone. >> these activists say they are not radicals, just as americans tired of business as usual. back live at the
Apr 30, 2010 6:00pm EDT
keane of smart power. and the great men of washington -- the great man of washington journalism -- andy glass of politico. all right, andrew. you and i have been all around awhile. we are sometimes angry with the white house because they treat us like children. not just children. dangerous children working for a foreign power. we have our little badges. they take us through the gate. we are allowed to go to the briefing room where we are treated like mushrooms. and i think you know what that means. you are in the dark and you are supposed to, you know, grow. it is so different. you cannot walk across the old executive office building. you cannot walk anywhere. and of course i think this hurts both the white house's ability to be covered honestly and its ability to find out what we think before we write it. >> that is true. i do not know how many viewers are sympathetic to the problems of journalists because it puts us all so in special category of being in a special category. >> this is "white house chronicle." can complain about the white house. >> 30 years ago, the new press secretary
Apr 8, 2010 11:00pm EDT
of lightning and no more big winds that knocked down trees. the radar is showing still raining in washington and montgomery county, prince george's as well as fairfax county. there is another band of moderate rain southwest of fredericksburg. that's going to come our way here over the next several hours. look at the temperatures. they're down into the 50s now after we hit the 80s earlier today. now 59 in washington. big changes on the way for tomorrow. we'll take a look at that and the weekend forecast. >> thanks, tom. >>> the diplomat who provided a scare on a flight from washington to denver last night has been called home. the government of qatar recalled him today as new details emerged about exactly what happened on that plane and where the passenger was headed. jackie benson at national airport with more on this. >> reporter: the embassy of qatar assured u.s. officials the junior diplomat involved be sent home or assigned to another country by tomorrow. less than 48 hours after a strange experience on a flight that originated from here at reagan national airport. it was a harrowing nig
Apr 3, 2010 3:30pm EDT
. >>> welcome to "washington post live" live weekend. we'll look back at some of the best things in the past movement and i caught up with head coach gary williams. and matt bradley stops by to chat all things caps. "washington post live" weekend starts right now. >>> hello everyone. thanks for tuning into "washington post live" weekend. college park has been exciting and we can thank vasquez for that. he racked up award after award following hisout standing senior season. and i had a chance to speak to him as we begin the next chapter of his basketball life. check it out. >> here's vasquez with a runner- up the glass. and it's good! 73-69. we have 38 seconds to go. >> better to be lucky and g and if you're both, you're the truth. >> and it's all over. and here come the fans on the floor. gary williams. the fans storming the floor. maryland wins it 79-72. >> another award for you. you've been getting them a lot. you had a great career at maryland. what did this mean to you. >> it means a lot. and the first thing i would like to thank god and my teammates and my coaches and family
Apr 23, 2010 5:00am EDT
in the gulf. >> dramatic news about the mass shooting in southeast washington. we will have a live report. >> the washington redskins selected tre onta williams. >> no surprises on draft day. we will have highlights and reactions if coming up later. good morning washington begins right now. >> live and in hd, this is good morning washington, on your side. >> good morning on this friday. i am doug mcelway. >> i am pamela brown in for alison starling. good to have you with us. we begin with traffic and weather every 10 minutes. we will check with lisa baden in a moment. adam caskey, what is on tap? >> partly sunny. high-pressure. temperatures near 70 this afternoon. the storm system often are west will slowly move east. that will influence our weekend weather. its 47 in leesburg and stephen city. 49 in walkersville. partly sunny today with highs near 70. light rain showers off and on tomorrow. the same story on sunday. there will be unsettled weather pattern on the weekend until the first part of next week. >> i was a little nervous. there was a lot of construction overnight, particularly i
Apr 27, 2010 6:00am EDT
on pennsylvania avenue. from 6:00 through 10:00 p.m.. if the funeral is thursday at washington national cathedral. 700 tickets for the general public. flags have been ordered to fly at half staff on that day. >> maryland's governor will formally kick off his reelection campaign today. o'malley and the lieutenant governor brown will start their bid for a second term in baltimore. later this morning they will make stops in prince george's, charles, and montgomery counties today. they will stop in frederick county and broward county is tomorrow. he's going to face bob ehrlich this fall. -- howard county tomorrow. and governor bob mcdonnell will reveal plans for north of grumman moving to northern virginia. yesterday the company said its choosing of virginia over maryland and d.c. the exact site remains unclear. it will create up to 150 new jobs in our area. >> investigators are trying to find a missing college students from stafford county. if the college of william and mary says 21-road ian smith is was last seen saturday night leaving his off-campus apartment. he graduated from a high school in st
Apr 29, 2010 5:00am EDT
you how she's being remembered during three days of celebration. good morning washington begins right now. >> live and in hd, this is good morning washington, on your side. >> goods thursday morning. i am doug mcelway. >> i am alison starling. great to have you joining us on this thursday. let's begin with traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> we will go to lisa baden, but first to brian van de graaff. another cold start. >> temperatures this morning are in the 30's again. 32 in stafford, 34 in bristow. there's a frost advisory, fairfax, montgomery, and points west word all the way through 9:00 this morning. we did points west towaward. low 80s tomorrow. maybe 90 degrees on the weekend. >> around the beltway near 66 tthey have moved all construction from the roadway. let's show you the volume of traffic on the beltway at university. moving at speed right now. no issues to report up to the beltway on 95 virginia. if headlights are northbound. metrorail is on normal service. back to you. >> thank you. >>> this morning the nation will join the washington community to say goodbye to do
Apr 4, 2010 7:00pm EDT
university press heard it as kathy's third and her third washington d.c. based centered book. her first and then the director of the center for the book, so i love to introduce through books. and this is a book off my own show that i've had for a number of years. her first book, b.: high society in washington d.c. after the civil war, was published in 1995 by the smithsonian institution press when she was assistant program director for the national historical publications and records commission. her second book, you ready for this, testament to union: civil war monuments in washington d.c., at. in 1998, published by johns hopkins university press when she was the deputy director at the american jewish historical society. it is now my pleasure to introduce you to kathy jacob who in turn will introduce all of us to the most influential man about washington in the gilded age. kathy. [applause] >> thank you, john. thanks there much for coming. so lamentations that special interests by spending obscene amounts of money were strangling the voice of the people. fears that the nation was goin
Apr 21, 2010 5:00am EDT
is over. good morning washington begins right now. >> live and in hd, this is abc 7's good morning washington, on your side. >> good wednesday morning. i am doug mcelway. >> i am natasha barrett. we begin with traffic and weather every 10 minutes. brian van de graaff has more on the rain. >> its entering right now. a little light rain this morning. that will pick up in the midday. it will be gentle. a 10th of an inch or quarter inch. maybe a half inch in some spots. western loudoun county to parts of fauquier county and up and down the shenandoah valley. temperatures this morning in the 40's and 50's. low 70's this afternoon. sunshine returning tomorrow. we will have more on that in a moment. first to lisa baden. happy holidump day. >> there was overnight construction on the beltway, but that has been cleared. i-95 traffic in springfield on the camera. headlights are northbound in the camera. no problems to report on 270. there was overnight construction that's gone. metrorail reporting the first trains out on normal service. >> thank you. >>> and overnight house fire heavily damag
Apr 22, 2010 5:00am EDT
shooting outside a club in prince george's county. we will have the latest. good morning washington begins right now. >> live and in hd, this is good morning washington, on your side. >> good thursday morning. i am doug mcelway. >> i am pamela brown and for alison starling. fog this morning. we will check with lisa baden in a moment. first, brian van de graaff. >> if there is a dense fog advisory for a good portion of the. . that's until 9:00 a.m. and after that we will have a chance of an isolated shower or. we are nearly 50 degrees this morning. visibility is less a quarter mile in the foggy spots. today's forecast, a fall this morning. sunshine and clouds later. highs today near 72. let's take a look at traffic with lisa baden. >> we just heard about a crash if you're heading into chevrolet. it is southbound on the parkway near 202. several cars involved. dangerous fault of their-- fog. 95 between richmond and baltimore, no problems. 270, 66, the dallas green lake, and the dulles toll road, no problems. >> we begin with breaking news from prince george's county. two sheriff's deputies w
Apr 22, 2010 6:00am EDT
the washington monument, look at this, the very bottom, that is the roosevelt bridge, but that's all you can make out. if temperatures are in the 40's and 50's. if this afternoon, an isolated shower with temperatures in the low 70's. let's go to lisa baden. >> not much from virginia state police. prince william and stafford county, you cannot see much because of the fog. police are not working anything on 95, 395, or 66. let's look at 270 southbound approaching 109. we had a crash before 109, but that's gone. delays are on 85 getting to 80. there was another crash and that's on the beltway. 50, route 1, rhode island avenue are good alternates instead of the baltimore washington parkway. >> thank you for that. >>> breaking news from temple hillel. two prince george's county sheriff's deputies were involved in an overnight shooting at a nightclub. kathy park is joining us by phone. what can you tell us? >> according to the prince george's county sheriff's department, we understand that a fight broke out in the parking lot right in front of club elite on brinkley road in temple hill. this happened a
Apr 26, 2010 5:00am EDT
. good morning washington begins right now. >> live and in hd, this is good morning washington, on your side. >> good morning, washinton. i am doug mcelway. >> i am alison starling. thanks for joining us on this monday. let's get started with traffic and weather. >> let's start with brian van de graaff. >> yesterday there was strong weather, especially north and west where there were wind gusts and hail in washington county and the panhandle of west virginia. today, just thunderstorms. there are showers of to the west of leesburg. debbie pockets coming down. mainly cloudy today with a glimpse of sunshine. off and on showers, a rumble of thunder, high temperatures around 70. >> now to lisa baden. >> beltway travel and interstate travel looks fine. 395 north on the d.c. side of the 14th street bridge. in the virginia camera, 395 north towards the 14th street bridge, looks like everything is moving nicely. they are moving the camera around to get a glimpse of the crash on the other side of the bridge. no evidence of it. it's near the exit at 12th street. no worries. back to you. >> thank y
Apr 5, 2010 5:00am EDT
. >> a summer-like streak. "good morning washington" begins right now. captioned by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >>> good monday morning. i'm doug mcelway. >> and i'm alison starling. good to have you back. you have missed some good weather. i am sure it was good in florida. great weekend. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> let's start with brian to see if we can continue this delightful streak for the easter egg roll. >> i did not hear anything you st said. it will be a glorious day outside with a few clouds. we will be in the upper 70's. you'll notice a few passing clouds. the nationals game is today. let's check the weatherbug network temperatures. mid and upper 50's. 53 in beltsville. mid and upper 70's. looking good at game time against the phillies. go nationals. >> go carefully. there is an accident at the end of the ramp to go north onto interstate 95. that access denied. nothing on 95 between spotsylvania and springfield. we go live to a picture of traffic on 95. north an
Apr 8, 2010 5:00pm EDT
developments of a bomb square of a plane that departed washington. ap sources are saying a diplomat involved in the aur line scare was headed to a consular visit with a jailed al qaeda agent. the united airlines flight took off from reagan national about 5:19 yesterday evening. bound for denver. the problem began when a man emerged from the bathroom with the smell of smoke in the air. that news is in the newsroom with details on this. pat? >> reporter: tonight a diplomat with the embassy of qatar is being reassigned after an incident that involved a nicotine attack. a flippant remark, scrambled f-16 fighter jets and anxious moments in the air. it all began onboard united airlines flight 633 which left reagan national late yesterday afternoon. headed to denver. with 1 50 57 passengers and six crew members onboard. one passenger now identified as mohammed al madadi, in his 20s, worked at the embassy in washington, came out of the plane's bathroom smelling like smoke. a flight attendant notified an air marshal who asked the man what he had been doing. earlier reports indicated al madadi made a
FOX News
Apr 25, 2010 2:00pm EDT
washington. >> chris: i'm chris wallace and this is "fox news sunday." president obama's debt commission gets to work. how will they try to rein in washington deficit? we will have the two chairs, former republican senator allen captioned by closed captioning services, inc. and bill clinton's former chief of staff. it is a "fox news sunday" exclusive. then, the debate over financial reform heads for a senate showdown. we'll talk with the senate gop leader mitch mcconnell and in arizona, should authorities be able to check the i.d. of any one suspect the of being an illegal immigrant. we will ask our sunday regulars whether this crackdown goes too far, all right now on "fox news sunday." >> chris: and hello again from fox news in washington. the president's debt commission holds its first meeting tuesday and his job couldn't be tougher. joining us are the two cochairs of the commission. gentlemen, let's start with the size of the problem. according to the nonpartisan congressional budget office under the obama budget plan by 2020 the national debt will be 90% of the u.s. economy. that is the h
Apr 19, 2010 5:00am EDT
. >> live, and in high definition, this is abc 7's good morning washington, on your side. >> good monday morning, washington. i am doug mcelway. >> i am natasha, in for alison starling. let's go to meteorologist brian van de graaff. >> temperatures in the 30's in the outlying suburbs. a frost advisory. in the immediate metro area the growing season begins on april 15. in the 30's in middletown. 44 degrees in springfield. 44 in college park. west of the city from fairfax and loudoun and prince william, there's a trust advisory until 8:00 this morning. mid afternoon it will be in the mid 60's and much more comfortable. -- frost advisory. >> their clearing overnight construction. north into baltimore and out to the airport are good. let's take you live across the potomac river at the american river bridge, moving nicely on this side of the beltway. back to the news desk. >> our top story, two students shot at a maryland college, one of them fatally. both were from the metro region. we are learning more about the crime and the victims. brianne carter has details. >> good morning. two student
Apr 1, 2010 6:00am EDT
on this first day of april. brian has another beautiful forecast. "good morning washington" continues right now. captioned by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >>> good morning, washington. 6:00 on this thursday, april 1. i am alison starling. >> and i am pamela brown. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. we start with meteorologist brian van de graaff. storm watch? >> no storm watch today. finally we are i the clear. it is going to be gorgeous this afternoon. temperature-wise, near the upper 70's. we are near the 50's downtown. abundant sunshine. a pleasant day. the cherry blossoms peak. easter is lining up for the weekend. nationals on monday. it all comes together. i would like a pat on the back. >> we will give you that. there was a pothole crew working on 395. there are gone. a truck is in the roadway. where is this? i will show you. it is in virginia. 395 northbound to get up to the pentagon. this is the delight to get past king street. they were doing earlier pothole stop. -- this is the
Apr 4, 2010 1:30am EDT
. washington like to make up fake reports and send them into british headquarters headquarters here in new york. he did so well that after the battle of brandywine in pennsylvania, the british army captured an original american report but were absolutely convinced it was faith. because they were getting so many fake reports they refuse to believe it. now, another one is what washington's deception was that he needed to-- to move the american army and the french army from north jersey and basically westchester and putnam counties counties passed the british, across the delaware river and eventually down to your down to hook up with lafayette down there and cornwallis. washington uses what is called the deception battle plan. the deception battle plan is also used in world war ii for the landing at normandy. it is also used endeavored storm by general schwarzkopf to do an end around of the republican guard. they use washington's plan. the first thing you need is a clear objective in the clear objective was he needed to steal a march across new jersey himself without being attacked by the british
Apr 5, 2010 11:30pm EDT
for sharing a few minutes with us. >> guest: thank you. thank you. washington journal. and at eight thanks 30 during the program, meet the students who made them and for a preview of all of the winners, visit >>> jon jeter and robert pierre are the co-authors of "a day late and a dollar short" high hopes and deferred dreams and obama as opposed racial america. facebook recently in washington for a little more than an hour. >> okay. i and a director of the washington center of politics for journalism which is pleased to co-sponsor the event to night. i have the honor of having brought robert pierre to washington under the semester program he was in the very first inaugural class in the fall of 1989 and robert daschle represents all alumni on the operating board of directors the joints mike and issue the end a number of others who run to i have to answer to the board of directors at the center. robber came to our program has a two-year to edit the school paper and then for awhile he thought about getting a master's in business administration but "the washington post" saved him f
Apr 4, 2010 6:00pm EDT
think that changes things for barack obama and washington and the political dynamic? >> we could not even have two substantive questions before we got into politics? >> politics is substantive. >> i do not know. if you had a sustained run of significant improvement, i would be glad -- i do not know about the politics. i sense there would still be a very healthy debate this fall, even if we have seen economic improvement, which has been a long way coming. there is a lot to debate, but i will speak for myself and i think most people in our state. we are rooting hard for economic recovery, and let the politics the what they will be. >> you are critical of the climate change bill and what it would mean for the indiana economy. i wonder if you are more optimistic about the approach the senators are taking where they are looking at a national cap on carbon but applying it to different parts of the economy differently. do you see things that would help us in terms of climate change and energy efficiency without hurting the economy? >> you could not do worse than the original legislation
Apr 11, 2010 11:35pm EDT
countries are descending on washington, d.c., the largest meeting held by president since 1945. this was setting the tone for the summit. it is a nuclear bomb making materials. an agreement on whether to keep those materials out of their hands. >> to get just enough nuclear material to cause terrible havoc and loss of alive somewhere in the world. >> iran and north korea were not invited because both are seen as violators of the local non- proliferation treaty. secretary of state hillary clinton spoke about u.s. efforts. >> let no one be mistaken. the united states will defend ourselves and our partners and allies. >> it has already had an impact on d.c. residents. there were numerous road closures that are already in effect. >> i have got to go to work. i work in alexandria. >> the mount vernon square metro station is closed. drivers will have to brace for rolling road closures, back-and- forth to the convention center. >> motorcades every day. i think it is par for the course. >> and streets near the d.c. convention center will be closed now through tuesday night. the mount v
Apr 9, 2010 6:00pm EDT
washington comenzando este fin de semana a realizarse la cumbre de seguridad nuclear... claudia uceda nos dice como esta movilizacion afectara a residentes y conductores... si trabaja en washington, preparese porque apartir de este domingo no solo vera caos vehicular, sino tambien cierre de calles concurridas y restricciones l estacionarse .. quienes caminan en el area ya notan los cambios.... "tengo anos de pasar por lo mismo para la toma de los presidentes y todo eso, para mi es otro dia como cualquiera ..." y es que apartir del lunes, el presidente barack obama recibira a mas de 40 jefes de estados de otros paises, que participaran en la cumbre de seguridad nuclear, que se llevara a cabo en el centro de convenciones.... . la seguridad sera intensificada, conocidas calles como la avenida massachusetts y nueva york estaran cerradas.... "basicamente son las calles de la 7 a la 11 que son los lados paralelos que van de norte a sur y de este a oeste van a ir desde la calle "l" hasta la calle "n" ..." el servicio secreto solo le permitira acceso a q
Apr 23, 2010 11:00pm EDT
> mientras tanto en washington el presidente barack obama califico de irresponble la ley en arizona y dijo que su administracion esta estudiando para determinar si viola los derechos civiles... el mandatario senalo que el gobierno federal debe actuar de manera responsable en materia de reformas a la ley de inmigracion, caso contrario abriria la puerta a la irresponsabilidad... el mandatario hizo esas declaraciones durante una ceremonia de naturalizacion de 24 hombres y mujeres que prestan sus servicios a las fuerzas armadas, de quienes dijo represental el verdadero patriotismo por servir a nuetra nacion. las reacciones a esta intransigente ley, no se hicieron esperar a nivel internacional, mexico y el salvador entre otros expresaron su condena y aseguraron que ahora la preocupacion es en el trato que recibiran los inmigrantes en general... otros paises tambien condenaron en terminos severos la nueva ley a la que califican como racista y politicamente motivada, en vista de las proximas elecciones en estados unidos.. todos los que son elegibles para convertirse en ciudadanos estadounidenses,
Apr 10, 2010 11:00pm EDT
. >> here in washington, mourners stopped by the polish embassy as they heard about the news. >> reporter: they came to be closer to their home land and its heart break. >> i wanted to be with my countrymen and far away from home and this just felt like a piece of poland. i work down the street and every morning i walk to work and i see this is a piece of poland. >> reporter: the polish embassy recognizing a week long of mourning. >> it's tough. to put all those people on the same plane. i don't know, it was just tough. >> the greatest legacy of the late presidency is the one of freedom. >> reporter: the ambassador talks about the enormous loss. >> this is tragic for poland and the polish people including 10 million polish americans living in the united states. >> reporter: she came to reflect and write in the book of condolences. >> for home. >> reporter: hugs and kisses from home she writes and wonders why. >> why they were going there, what happened, the parallels, irony, just sur real. >> reporter: the president and his delegation were en route to mark a -- a place where some place is
Apr 28, 2010 4:30am EDT
part quote this bill sends a clear message, washington, d.c. is not an exception when it comes to law-abiding folks and their second amendment rights. joshua runs a group called stop gun violence points out that d.c. revamped gun laws 18 months ago and stood up in federal court. >> this is the type of legislation that guts the act, takes jurisdiction aafrom the council. it's a sad piece of legislation that will cost lives. >> reporter: four weeks ago tuesday night four teenagers were gunned down in southeast. their weapon of choice, an ak-47. horowitz told me he plans on asking some of the parents of the shooting victims in southeast to join on capitol hill to lobby against the bill. the second amendment enforcement act is expected to be introduced on the floor sometime wednesday. craig melvin, "news4 today." >>> our time right now is 4:30. let's get our first forecast now from tom kierein. >> chilly out there, tom. >> sure is. the bright moon light, lighting up the landscape. the full moon getting low in the western sky. it's just 45 in washington, near fr in prince george's c
Apr 4, 2010 10:00am EDT
is a republican governor and has a long time in washington before returning home to run for governor. governor daniels, here in washington we're trying to parse the jobless numbers in the united states, and they run fairly similar to what you are seeing in the state of indiana. what's it look like on the ground at home? have we turned the corner? what do you see as happening? >> stabilize might describe it. i would be very cautious about seeing anything else. i don't see it yet on the ground. i talk to businesses all the time, tend to put a little more stock in what they say than in the statistics. and while here and there i do find firms that say their orders are a little stronger and see some improvement, they're also pretty cautious. very few are hiring at this point. if they are, it tends to be temporary or part-time workers. and i think we're going to need to see more evidence before we can conclude that anything like the recovery we need is under way. >> i've got to ask you about the politics of this. we saw nationwide on friday an increase of 16 2,000 jobs in the country. that has been
Apr 25, 2010 10:00am EDT
beginning now. >> this is "the future of news" from the knight studios at the newseum in washington d.c. i'm frank sesno. welcome to our conversation about news in the digital age. i'm joined today by two of washington's most accomplished political reporters. sam donaldson is a broadcasting icon and veteran reporter for abc news. he was chief white house correspondent covering 3 presidents, and for more than 40 years at abc, he's reported the biggest national political stories of our time. in addition to anchoring abc's "primetime live" and "this week" programs, sam's an internet pioneer. he was host of abc's first web-only program, "sam" and jim vandenhei made his mark as a national political reporter for "the wall street journal" and then "the washington post." he left that paper in 2006 with john harris to create politico, a web site and newspaper that's become one of the most popular sites for political news and commentary. he's executive editor of politico, where his knowledge of all things d.c. and all things new media has helped change the way campaigns are ru
Apr 19, 2010 6:00am EDT
at the washington monument to call on the government to protect the second amendment right to bear arms. across the potomac in virginia several dozen people armed with weapons will hold a protest march at bradley point. if the group says it intends to be the first to hold a gun demonstration at a national park. >>> americans are losing faith in the government. 80% of people say they don't trust washington to solve the nation's problems. 22% say they can trust the government. nearly half say the government has a negative effect on their daily lives. most participants say washington is too big and powerful and interferes excessively and state and local matters. >> 15 years ago today one of the deadliest terror attacks on u.s. soil took place. 168 people were killed when timothy mcveigh exploded truck bomb outside the federal building in oklahoma city. survivors, family members, and hundreds of others will commemorate the anniversary. the ceremony will begin shortly before the time the bomb went off on april 19, 1995. >> hard to believe its 15 years. coming up, some good news for frequent fliers.
Apr 20, 2010 5:00am EDT
on sexting. good morning washington begins right now. >> live, and in high definition, this is abc 7's good morning washington, on your side. >> good morning. i am doug mcelway. >> i am natasha barrett in for alison starling. we are checking traffic and weather every 10 minutes. we start with brian van de graaff. another cold starts? >> it is. in the 40's in the city. but i have seen some 30's out there. 34 degrees in stafford, 38 in winchester. your forecast, plenty of sunshine with afternoon clouds, still a nice day in the upper 60's with a much lighter winds. not bad looking day. a few showers tomorrow. hello, lisa baden. >> hello, brian van de graaff. there was a lot of overnight construction. everything is out of the way. 270 in springfield they were working on the beltway, and nothing right now. normal travel times on 95 at richmond. the dulles toll road and the greenway looks fine. looks good over the potomac river. that's the american legion bridge. american rail running on normal service. now to doug. >> the latest from europe. authorities said the volcano in iceland is gaining str
Apr 21, 2010 6:00am EDT
>> good morning, washington. 6:00 on this wednesday, april 21. i am doug mcelway. >> in natasha barrett in for alison starling. time for traffic and weather every 10 minutes. let's begin with meteorologist brian van de graaff. >> outside this morning it's overcast. it will be a gray with off and on light showers. we are picking up some of them right now. let's look at them. showers are out there to the south and west. culpeper and front royal and the shenandoah valley. across gaithersburg and leesburg. poolesville, moderate showers working to our north and west. rainshowers off and on through the day. a quarter inch to 1/2 inch possible. light and gentle showers. if tomorrow we will get to near 70 degrees. next batch of rain on the weekend. in the 60's today. >> i just spoke with newschopper 7. they will fly this morning as long as they can. that is a good thing. we will check with them in a little while. i want to talk about travel times. between richmond and baltimore it's ok. heavier volume making it into dale city, northbound 95. everything is behaving. 270 traffic, more of
Apr 29, 2010 6:00am EDT
disaster. good morning washington continues right now. >> live and in hd, this is good morning washington, on your side. >> good morning, washington. 6:00 on this thursday, april 29. i am doug mcelway. >> i am alison starling. thanks for joining us on this thursday. time for traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> let's start with brian van de graaff. we need a warm-up. >> we have a frost advisory across the area. west of 95, including fairfax and prince william. we will have a mild finish. with temperatures in the '70s. nt'ws. at 6:00 on a thursday, 34 degrees in centreville, 33 in potomac. this afternoon, los 70's, sunshine, westerly breeze. frost advisory expires at 9:00 a.m. now to lisa baden. >> in virginia the greenley is ok. 66 and 395, status quo. in the district there's a crash on 95 northbound off before the 11th street bridge near the suitland parkway, only one lane getting by. out of oxon hill going north, allow yourself extra time or wait a little later. in maryland, a vehicle rolled over, connecticut avenue at randolph. flashing lights, complicated, but doable. back to you.
Apr 7, 2010 10:00pm EDT
, the "new york times" and washington spoes confirming, specifics of a story that's been simmering for months now, the white house has authorized u.s. counterterrorism operatives to kill anwar al awlaki, muslim cleric and american citizen born in las cruces, new mexico, in 1971. even if he is found far away from any combat zone. u.s. intelligence says that al awlaki, thought to be hiding in yemen, has shifted from endorsing violence against the u.s. to actually participating in anti-american plots. as part of the group al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. he was freed for lack of evidence but also been linked to the alleged would-be christmas day bomber. the nature of their link remains unclear. and changed e-mails with major nidal hasan, though their communicates are not believed to be about that attack itself. and linked to two 9/11 hijackers. the 9/11 commission said there was not evidence to prosecute him. u.s. citizens have been killed in previous strikes, but a former bush top official told the "times" he knew of no instance when mr. bush specifically approved a u.s. citizen targeted for
Apr 20, 2010 11:00am EDT
this morning. news4's megan mcgrath is in northwest washington where people are remembering height this morning. >> good morning, barbara. dr. dorothy height had such a tremendous impact on so many people. and people of all walks of life are paying tribute to her today. if you look behind me here, we're at the headquarters of the national council of negro women, an organization that she dedicated half of her life, too. and you can see that people are leaving flowers here at a plaque that's on the corner of the building. we've seen a number of tourists stop by as well to pay respects. if you think about it, dorothy height had such a long life. that's part of the impact she had. she lived to be 98 years old and she was active, according to friends, pretty up to the very end and so her vision and her work spanned generations. she was unwavering in her pursuit of equal reitz. a role model for several generations. at the national council of negro women, the organization she headed for more than 50 years, there is sorrow, but also celebration of a life well lived. and a legacy of true impact. >> she
Apr 23, 2010 4:30am EDT
first round draft pick. >> washington redskins select trent "silver back" williams, offensive tackle, oklahoma. >> trent williams is the newest redskin. the team drafted the offensive lineman fourth overall in the first round of the nfl draft last night. they hope williams will offer much-needed protection for quarterback donovan mcnabb. mike shanahan hopes he'll be able to contribute to the team right away. >> i think there's always pressure on that first round draft choice. people expect you to start, especially in the top five. the pressure will be there. i expect him to meet that challenge. >> the draft continues today. the redskins have a third round pick. they do not have a second because they traded it to the philadelphia eagles for donovan mcnabb. >> they certainly needed an information lineman. >> very exciting. >> he does have his work cut out for him. >> good morning to you, tom. >> this morning we have a partly cloudy to mostly clear skies. temperatures are a bill chilly this morning, down into the 40s in the shenandoah valley to the mid-50s in washington, 57 in washingto
Apr 2, 2010 1:30pm EDT
and was a finalist for the national magazine award. the american journalism review profiled him as one of washington's most enterprising journalist. he is now the founder of a media consulting group. it is my honor to have him here. i am looking forward to his remarks. >> thank you. [applause] despite his kind words today, i thought i would be a little country in and talk about whistle-blowers. -- contrarian and talk about whistle-blowers. i was a journalist for 25 years. during that time, i produced a report on a couple dozen stories that involve whistle-blowers. i interviewed and talk to and ultimately declined to do stories on probably two or three times the number of people who ultimately did report on. why was i selected? this -- selective? the truth is, whistle-blowers can be really difficult people. they can be a huge pain in the neck. i am not saying that lightly. there are a lot of reasons why. they all have an ax to grind. they're trying to get their own story out. many of them have an inflated sense of what they want to break or their own value to the organizations that they are now repor
Apr 16, 2010 4:30am EDT
, sending a message to washington. and our reporter. >>> and amazing rescue. a girl pulled from the rubble in china, as another quake shakes utah. >>> good morning. thanks for joining us on this friday. the morning headlines in britain call it air chaos and paralyzing. every plane there grounded until at least tomorrow morning. >> in the u.s., it means no planes are leafing for northern europe, which might include air force one, scheduled to take the president to poland. >> and this is the reason. the thick, volcanic ash carried by the wind, that can quickly cripple any jet that flies through it. passengers on the nearly 700 daily flights between the u.s. and europe are stranded. >> sonia gallego is following the disruption. >> reporter: we've just learned that no planes are flying from england until 1:00 tomorrow morning local time, at the earliest. that's a huge inconvenience for thousands of passengers. this is the cause of all the chaos. a volcano in iceland erupting beneath a glacier. it's konding to spew ash and molten debris into the air. causing floods and bringing european air tra
Apr 19, 2010 6:00pm EDT
o inclusive ser victima de fraude. en washington, maria rosa lucchini, univision" quienes apoyan el derecho a pory dos concentraciones en virginia y el distrito de columbia a fin de presionar al gobierno para que brinde ese derecho a los residentes de washington.. los grupos se concentraron frente al monumento a washington, y en el gravelly point park en arlington, donde docenas de los congregados se presentaron con armas de fuego...segun los organizadores, esta es laprimera concentracion en un parque nacional desde que una ley aprobó portar armas en parques publicos... un incendio en una zona boscosa de washington se desato esta tarde en las cercanias de la interestatal 295 a la altura de la avenida minessota y la calle benning... a raiz del siniestro tambien se interrumpieron las operaciones de los trenes de carga c-s-x, y el paso en algunas calles aledañas tambien fue desviado... no se reportaron victimas.. la familia de marcelo lucero acepto hoy el veredicto del jurado que declaro culpable de homicidio sin premeditacion como crimen de intolerancia a jeffrey conro
Apr 1, 2010 7:00pm EDT
, but still very heavy towards washington boulevard. southbound, the typical crawl here towards the mixing bowl. no accidents going down here either 95 looking good. 66 watch out for an accident at nuttily. and finally, we are going to end it up in the city here at georgetown, quite a bit of traffic as you see the weather is nice. a lot more people out there. watch out for pedestrians, also if you are going to the cherry blossom festival, metro is a good option. a lot of people, a lot of traffic down there. derek. >> thank you patranya. devon is here now with our 9 forecast first. i got confused for a second. you are out on the terrace there. >> we are. i'm glad you didn't call me patranya, i appreciate that. 74 officially in washington today. i think a south wind coming off the water kept us cooler. down towards dulles, 90. rather, 79, not 90. nearly 80 degrees. 90 would be really hot this time of the year. national is at 70. 75 degrees in sterling. we have one 60-degree temperature showing over a couple of them as you head east toward baltimore. 57 already hugging the bay. this is this
Apr 9, 2010 12:00pm EDT
that struck overnight left a mess in its wake. our kristin fisher has more from northeast washington. >> reporter: high winds and heavy rain brought down several trees and power lines overnight around the d.c. area. one of the biggest downed trees that we found is right here on neil street in northeast d.c. just look at this thing. this thing came down yesterday evening, and it's absolutely huge. it fell on several town homes in northeast d.c. as you can see. you can even see that it's really uprooted the entire tree and caused quite the problem for this sidewalk here. a lot of the sidewalk is gone. if you look at the street, you see the giant chunks of concrete all over the street. now, i spoke with the owner of this town home right here this pink town home. her name is paula lee. she says she just got a new roof six months ago. now she has to get another one. she's just happy to be alive. >> i was in the tub getting ready to go to sleep. it was about 8:15. i heard this boom, and my husband, he's really freaked out. he's like get out the tub. you need to go, the tree it through the
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